Dodec spinning wheel Part 1

it took all day but i finally gathered all the material needed to build my dodec spinning wheel. The only thing i didn't get was paint for it but that can always come later. i personally had a hard time getting everything together. i had to go to 3 different stores to get everything because my local stores didn't have everything i needed but i managed to keep total expenses under 40 dollars.
the next day off my boyfriend has off he's promised to help me get all the pieces cut and ready to put together ill make sure to take plenty of pictures and document the whole process and give some input on how easy it was to put together.

quest for a spinning wheel

in my love of spinning wool and my quest to own a spinning wheel I've come across several plans to build spinning wheels on a budget. and I've fallen in love with most of them so my bright idea is to start building all of them one by one.
with my luck, my significant other has a lot of experience working with wood where I have almost 0 experience so I will be using his help in cutting and putting things together. he will be a big help in helping make sure things get done the way they are supposed to. 
ill be able to test and try out all sorts of diffrent DIY wheels as i go along in this journey and once i find a favorite design I hope to find some people to give the ones i dont want.
i think mt favorite part of the whole thing will be painting and decorating each wheel in a diffrent design.

Small Garden

I planted my garden this early spring and now my plants are getting nice and big and giving me veggies. sadly because of my living situation, I couldn't have a very big garden. I planted 6 bush beans 2 cucumbers and 2 strawberries. all 6 of my beans survived but all of my cucumbers ended up being eaten by the local bunnies and one strawberry plant ended up dying. I ended up buying 2 tomato plants to replace the cucumbers and they are doing amazingly well.
my beans are already putting off a decent harvest and will provide a decent amount of  beans for the whole family
the tomatoes haven't produced anything yet but they look like they will give off a big harvest is not a big fan of tomatoes so most of them will go to my mom who absolutely loves them 

Gardening Beginings

Sadly I am not in a situation where my situation in life allows me to have a garden and here lately I have been feeling the urge to garden more and more. I have offered to my friends who do garden my help doing whatever they will need help with in order for me to have some way to express my desire to garden and I'm sure they will be taking me up on that offer soon enough but it's not doing much to quell the burning desire I have.
I have taken to reading a ton of books and watching all the youtube videos I can find on gardening and different self-sufficiency topics. I love all the different ideas and things I'm finding in books and online that give me so many ideas on things id love to try once I get enough space to start doing things on my own
to help remind myself of what I've read and possibly help others in a similar situation to myself I'm going to keep an updated list here on what books I've read what blog posts I've saved and what youtube channels I'm subscribed to.
 links to where you can find books will be provided


 Homegrown Berries- Timber Press link to check out the book Here
Your Farm in the City- Lisa Taylor and the Gardeners on Seattle Tilth Here
Mini Farming Self-Sufficiency on 1/4th Acre- Brett L. Markham Here

YouTube Channels

 Roots and Refuge Farm

Self Sufficient Me

Blog Posts 

By Stephanie Rose 20 Self Sufficient Living Tips

13 Vegetables That Grow in Shade Posted by Katie Nash 

Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots | Most Productive Vegetables for Containers

Homesteading For Beginners: 50 Skills You Can Learn Right Now

As I continue to learn and read more and find more information new things might be added and deleted as I go along.

Why I Started Blogging

I'm an avid crafter and writer I always have been it's my base nature without writing and crafting I wouldn't be me its the very center of my being. I have been rolling around the idea to start a blog since I was in my teens but I have always had high anxiety about making the plunge into blogging and putting my writing out there for people to see
recently I had gathered up the confidence to start this and put myself out there more so I can gain more confidence with my writing and trust myself more and not second guess myself over everything. I still question my writing every single day. I know my grammar isn't that good and I have been making an effort to improve my writing and become the best writer I can be. I understand that I won't become a great wonderful blogger writer or creator overnight and that these things take time so I think this blog will be a good driving force to help me with my desire to push forward and be the best me I can be.

Unexpected wool shopping

February is the month of mine and my younger brothers birthdays my mom planned a trip down to Nashville Indiana to go visit him and spend some time with him for his 19th birthday. he worked nights during the weekend so we didn't get to see him much and that gave me plenty of time to wander around and do everything my little hometown offers. Admittingly there's not much to do but go shopping and eat food but I had fun anyway.
I was aware of the shop in town called The Clay Purl I had bought yarn there when I could afford to so since they feature nicer yarn I couldn't afford to buy as much as I would like. I figured it would be a good time to go see what I could find. I ended up walking out with a gorgeous braid of wool and I can't wait to get it on my spindle its so soft and the colors are vibrant and so beautiful.
Once I get it spun ill be posting pictures of it on here.


I have been busying myself with my spinning lately. I want to get more spindles so I can work on more than one at a time but for now, I am making decent progress with the one spindle I do have.
With my birthday coming up soon I might end up buying more for myself.
I have hit a slight case of writer's block I hate when I can feel the need to write but I just can't think of a good idea to write about.

First Adventure Dying Wool

I first started my spinning adventure back in early december you can read my first post about it HERE and my second dive into spinning HERE .
I bought a pound of wool for myself as a Christmas present since I have desperately wanted to spin more wool but didn't want to spend too much money for me to get in some good practice. I bought my pound off amazon from paradise fibers and when it arrived it was so soft and lovely. with all this new wool I wanted to try dying it but I didn't want to spend too much to dye it. looking around for other alternatives to expensive dyes I found people using kool-aid so after some more research I rushed to the store down the road and bought a bunch of different flavors.
 My first attempt at dying wool I used 4 oz of wool with 2 packets of red kool-aid and it didn't turn out too well. I vastly underestimated the amount of kool-aid I would need to use to turn it completely red so I ended up adding purple to it as well. It didn't turn out completely how I wanted. it will look really nice when it is all spun but as stand-alone wool, it's not the best looking.
 the second try turned out much better. Using two packets of orange kool-aid on roughly 2 oz of wool it came our pretty bright.
 this was 4 oz I dyed while still in its crochet braid it turned out exactly how I expected it to and I love the overall final look of this one. I call it my cloud wool and I'm probably going to put off spinning this one for a while just so I can keep it around and be happy about how well it turned out.
this was 2 oz and I let myself experiment with it a little bit I folded it in half 3 times and had one half in the blue kool-aid and one half in the purple it ended up being my favorite of all the wool I dyed. It's the one I am most looking forward to getting my hands on.
Overall I love all of the wool I dyed and learned so much from this experiment. I usually jump in feet first for everything I do but this was one thing I really tried to research to the best of my ability before I ran off and got the kool-aid, but now I know to absolutely make sure I have more than enough kool-aid. I don't end up with another one looking like my first one. Not that it looks completely terrible but I would love to avoid making that mistake again.

Books I Read in 2018

I love reading books its been an all-time favorite thing of mine since I was in 3rd grade. The only problem is since my daughter was born 5 years ago I haven't been reading as much as I would like. This year I tried to find more time for me to read and do things I enjoy. I didn't get to read as many books as I would have liked but I think I made a good effort to push myself to read more often.

The Selection - Kiera Cass

The Elite - Kiera Cass

Interview with the Vampire - Anne Rice

The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice

The Queen of the Damned - Anne Rice

A Kiss of Shadows - Laurell K. Hamilton

First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones

Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones

Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

The Color Purple - Alice Walker

Into the Woods: Tales from the Hollows and Beyond - Kim Harrison

The Demon Lover - Carol Goodman

His Immortal Embrace - Hannah Howell

They were all pretty good books and some I had even read before and wanted to read again to help get myself back into the swing of things. I'm planning on making a list of books I want to read in 2019 to help motivate me to read more and get those things crossed off my to read list.
I'll gladly take any book recommendations if anyone has any. The goal is to read 100 books by the end of 2019!

My First Craft

I have always been fascinated by all of the crafts and things my grandmother had done in her life. I never got to see her do any of them sadly because she passed away when I was 4 years old but, growing up i was very familiar with her work. We had had needlepoint she had done framed and hanging up, I have a blanket she had made and Halloween costumes she had sewn were still around and occasionally worn. I wanted to make great things like she did but I didn't know how she did them or even how to start learning.
 I was about 7 and my grandpa had a girlfriend who I absolutely adored she was sweet and kind and she did crafts. I distinctly remember she used to do cross stitch and sew I was familiar with cross stitch because we had a lot of my grandmothers cross stitch creations all over the house, but I had never seen it done in person. I was in love with it. I loved watching her work on her cross stitch in church when she didn't bring me little sticker books to help keep me quiet since I hated going to church. 
That Christmas she came with my grandfather to the house. we were all anxious for them to arrive since we weren't allowed to touch any presents until they both got there. They didn't arrive too late but to children, every moment not allowed to touch our gifts was absolute agony. we had our lunch then were finally allowed to rip into our gifts. I don't remember what all I got that year that I'm sure my mom spent hours fussing over trying to find all of us the perfect gifts. The only present I do remember getting was from my grandfather's girlfriend.
She had noticed my interest in cross stitch and got me my very first craft. A little cross stitch for beginners kit I don't even remember what the kit was exactly maybe it was a frog, but I remember her sitting with me for the rest of Christmas helping me to learn how to cross stitch. it changed my life from that moment on I loved to cross stitch and crafting in general. It sent me on the path I am on now and I don't know what I would have done with my life if she hadn't gotten me that gift. Maybe I would have found crafting on my own but probably at a much later date in my life. I'll never know, her and my grandfather broke up not long after that and I haven't seen her since. I really hope she knows how much of an impact that one little thing had on my life and how much I treasure that memory.
I no longer have that craft I wish I had the forethought to keep it.

After Chirstmas Yarn Shopping

so I don't get out to go yarn shopping a lot most of the yarn I get is from other people who gift it to me and I've ended up with an impressive collection from that. over last winter I gave myself the challenge to completely use up my whole yarn collection it took till fall but I have used all of my yarn it was exceptionally hard since I did keep getting new yarn but now finally everything is gone and the projects stashed away till I can find someone to give them to.

since it's after Christmas and I had gotten a gift card for joanns fabric I figured a trip to the store to hunt for yarn was in order. I don't know about other people but I personally never go into the store with a set project in mind I just hunt for yarn I like and build from there. I can spend minutes to hours searching the yarn isles touching and evaluating different yarns till i settle on some.

what I ended up walking out of the store with I was very happy about and I'm already thinking of a few different projects I can do with them.
3 Sugar'n cream cotton yarn
I LOVE Sugar'n cream yarn, since I used up my giant cone of it I've been looking at getting more but didn't want to commit to one color. For now, I got 3 different colors with the help of my boyfriend we picked Emerald Isle Overcast and Red I think these will make some lovely dish rags and I can't wait to get started on them.
Premier Sweet Roll
I've been eying a yarn like this for a while so I couldn't resist getting two of them I got the colors Black Peper Swirl and Grape Swirl. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet but I'm looking forward to working with the yarn.
Lion Brand Scarfie
when I saw these two I couldn't help but snatch them up. My favorite color is purple and my boyfriends favorite color is red so I grabbed them happily. The label has a scarf pattern on it and they make a full scarf with one skein so its a perfect thing for me to whip up quickly without having to think about it too much. 
This is only a small but of all the shopping we did today but its the one I'm most excited about. We also picked up the Fallout the Vault Dwellers Official Cookbook and I am already planning on a few of the recipes to try, I'm most looking forward to trying the Nuka-Cola recipe.

My Drop Spindle Adventure Begins

 I posted a while about drop spinning a little while about you can read the post here 

My spinning supplies finally came in the mail while I was out of town it was waiting for me when I finally got back from vacation I couldn't wait to get home and get my hands on this and start learning. the spindle is simple and lovely I ended up carving two notches on either side of it to help hold the yarn since the yarn kept slipping it wasn't terrible just slightly annoying and easily fixable. The wool that came with it was soft and amazing to work with. Along with the wool I bought the seller included a sample of alpaca wool that makes me want to buy a bunch of it to spin
using the park and draft method I caught on pretty fast and completely blew through my 2oz of top fiber it only took me 3 days to finish it off and right from the start I knew I was completely hooked. For my first try spinning with a drop spindle, I think it turned out pretty well. obviously, it's not perfect in any way I need to work on keeping the thickness more consistent and eventually I want to learn how to ply. I have a lot more learning to do but this is another craft I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. it's nice and relaxing and incredibly satisfying to watch the yarn build up on the spindle.
Id love to get a spinning wheel eventually that will be my next big goal once I get better with the drop spindle. I don't want to drop money on that big of an investment until I build up a decent talent working with fiber in general.
I'm already on the hunt for more fiber and will be enlisting the help of my friend who tie-dyes shirts to help me dye the yarn I spin. (if you are interested in checking out her work her link is here I highly recommend her work) Shes wonderfully talented and I can't wait to get to work with her on future projects

Etsy shop I bought my drop spindle kit from