My Halloween Movie List

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I love Halloween it's my favorite time of the year the weather is cold and cozy and everything is slightly spookier. Its the one time of year that my absolute favorite movies are playing and I can relax and watch them all I want. Since it is Halloween today I felt the need to share with everyone my list of favorite Halloween movies

Trick 'r Treat

Evil Dead (1981 version)

Jeepers Creepers

House of 1000 Corpses

Corpse Bride

The Adams Family

Halloween Town

The Craft

Don't Look Under the Bed


The Labyrinth

The Hole

Ghost Ship

Thirteen Ghosts



Suicide Room

Hocus Pocus

Practical Magic


Cabin in the Woods

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Puppet Master

 Dead Silence

Evil Bong

this is in no way a full list I didn't want to make this list to long but I do plan on talking about more of my all-time movie favorites at a later date.

Dog Adoption Success Story

Diablo Sierra Elsa and Diesel
My best friend Brianna lives in Twentynine Palms, California with her husband they have 4 rescue dogs they are the most adorable well-trained dogs in the word other than my dog. We were talking about our dogs as we usually do I was telling her about Castiel and his backstory I asked her about her dogs and what their stories were and she gladly shared all of them with me. Below are her stories about her dogs in her words only edited for clarity.

Elsa and Sierra:

 We went to the shelter called Coachella Valley Animal Campus Intentionally only wanting to get one dog. We walked around and looked at all the dogs, there were a ton of little ones and we wanted a big dog. Damian saw Elsa. She was labeled as a shepherd mix. She was in a cage with another dog. We kept on walking and I saw Sierra. Her paper said adopted but I was going to ask anyway because I had really wanted a husky. So we find the guy and he tells us about Elsa, She was brought to the shelter as a puppy with 6 other siblings. She was about a year old. All of the siblings besides her were adopted. About a month before we got there an old lady adopted this high energy dog and she returned her within a month. So she had been in the shelter her whole life. They told us Sierra was supposed to be adopted at noon. So we took Elsa on a walk and played with her in a pen and immediately fell in love. We came back and told the guy we wanted her. He said that Sierras new owners never showed up to take her home so we could have her. We had the dogs meet each other and they did great. Sierra was only in the shelter for a week and was found as a stray. So we took both dogs home. They were both potty trained. Elsa pulled a lot when walking but we trained her not to do that. We also had to get Elsa a special bowl to make her not eat as fast. She thought she wasn't going to get enough food. After about a month she realized that we wouldn't starve her and now she eats normally.

 We bought him from a lady who adopted him from a shelter. From what she told us he had been there his whole life. She had only had him 3 weeks and was moving so she "couldn't take him with her". We went and got him. He is very lazy and a 10-year-old malamute/husky mix. He had rust spots on his but and nose from when he was at the shelter he would stick his face through the fence. When she adopted him he was 30 pounds. After we had him he was 50 pounds. The vet said he was still underweight. Now he is 100 pounds and a healthy weight. I call him my old man because of how lazy he is. He also has no teeth. He needs 5 pulled because of biting the cage at the shelter. He can barely walk a block without sitting down because he is so lazy and old. So he only gets to go on a walk around once or so a week lol.
we bought him from another military family. They were moving. We had him since he was 6 months old. The lady told us that he had all of his shots and was going to send us the records. Since I thought he had his shots we took him on walks and to the dog park. Well turns out the lady lied to us and he didn't have his shots. So he got parvo. He almost didn't make it. we ended up spending $3000 and after being intensively cared for he made it. We took him to a trainer that had taught our other dogs the trainer had taught him more than he needed to know. So now he is our most trained dog.
After sending me all of her dog's stories I asked her a few extra questions
Q. So how do you handle having 4 big dogs all day
AWell I feel like I only have 2 dogs most of the time honestly. Diesel and sierra sleep all day. You just have to feed and let them out to go potty. They rarely play and are just super lazy. But with Diablo and Elsa, I usually do puzzle treats for them and I take them to the dog park every day
Q.having 4 long hair dogs in a hot climate how do you keep them cool when they are outside
A.When it's really hot out we have a dog pool and I give them popsicle treats, also making sure I brush them every day with a de-shedding brush and de-shedding shampoo. We also have a cooling mat we bought off of Amazon. You fill it up with water and then freeze it and the dogs can lay on it you have any advice for anyone looking to adopt a new dog
A. Make sure you truly are ready to adopt a dog. Also, think about what your plans will be 10 years from now like if you will be moving into an apartment you probably shouldn't get a large dog or a breed that apartments won't allow. Also, they aren't going to be perfect... you have to have patience. And positive reinforcement.. you don't know what the dog went through.

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thrift store find

I visited a local thrift store in my area and I was lucky enough that they had a bunch of old cross stitch kits in for 50 cents each. I picked this one up to work on as a gift for my mom for Christmas I'm slightly upset now that I didn't grab the other kits while I was there but I plan on swinging by again soon and I hope a few of them are still available for me to pick up.

My 7 Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

The past few days I have been fighting being sick and every time I do get sick I end up completely useless and unable to do much. Thankfully I only get sick a handful of times a year but even with me usually feeling like all around death I need some way to help me get over whatever my body is fighting. Cold and flu medicine doesn't help me much so I turn to other things to help get me through it this is a list of things that personally work for me when I'm sick.

  1. Take a shower- I take very hot steaming showers when I'm sick it helps clear my sinuses and helps me to be able to breathe a little easier. I usually do this in the morning to help make my mornings less miserable.
  2. Drink water- I drink so much water when I'm sick  it helps keep me hydrated.
  3. Green tea- Absolutely the best thing when I'm sick is green tea with lemon and honey it does wonders to soothe my throat when its sore and a nice warm mug to hold is always more than welcome.
  4. Soup- Soup is invaluable to me when I'm sick there's something unbelievably comforting about eating a nice hot bowl of soup.
  5. Sleep- My #1 favorite thing to do is always sleep and obviously sleep is the best thing you can do for your body when you are fighting a cold or flu.
  6. Hot spicy foods- my dad's side being Hispanic when I would get sick around them they would give me hot spicy foods telling me it would help me sweat it out. I'm not sure if it helped much but now anytime I'm sick I always want spicy foods.
  7. Warm water with lemon- i know i already put water but this kind of water is completely different. Other than just plain water this is the majority of what i drink when im sick its very soothing to drink.

Crochet Journey

Photo by Imani on Unsplash
I love crochet its one of my favorite things to do in my spare time but I am in no way shape or form a professional. I've been crocheting most of my life so far starting at a young age after discovering my late grandmother used to do it and made beautifully stunning pieces. My own mother on the other hand cant crochet or do crafts to save her life so I was left to my own devices to teach myself everything I know. starting at around 8 years old the things I had to teach myself was youtube and google. I have done pretty well teaching myself so far at 21 I can make basic things but nothing to complicated. Since I have taught myself mostly using youtube videos I have a hard time reading patterns and understanding written down instructions. I have been working on getting better and pushing myself with my crochet.
My goal is to push myself enough so I can make those beautiful things you see on Instagram and Pinterest and mostly so I can feel that satisfying sense of accomplishment when you manage to make progress in a field you are passionate about. Its been a long journey starting in elementary school and continuing all the way up to now its almost 14 years of practice and patience and I hope that with much more practice and patience I can push myself to be better and greater than I ever thought possible.

DIY Flower Decor

Coming home from a trip to the local goodwill my mother had found a gorgeous wooden carriage. She got it for a decently cheap price and knew that we could turn it into a gorgeous piece of home decor. Using some cheap fake flowers we got at Walmart and some floral foam we managed to make this in under an hour  it does add a very beautiful addition to the house.

8 Favorite Youtubers

I watch a lot of YouTube when I work on any of my craft projects. I found that trying to watch TV or a movie distracts me from what I was originally doing so I do my best to avoid watching TV or Netflix while I work and found YouTube to be my favorite thing to listen to so ill put a list of the YouTubers I listen to when I work


I love a good scary story and CreepMcPasta is one of my favorites that tell scary stories his videos tend to be on the longer side but always leave me wanting to watch just one more before bed he's delightfully creepy but in a good way.


I love video games and video game lore and no one does video game lore better than Oxhorn, he has a smooth voice and is always very thorough about his research. Its very clear he puts a lot of effort into his videos. his fallout videos are the best and most in-depth ones I've found and I can let myself watch his videos for hours.


I LOVE Stardew Valley anyone who knows me knows this and DF is my all time favorite person who does videos about it. I've watched almost all of his videos where he explores all the different aspects of the base game and mods making it absolutely hilarious every time.

The Game Theorists

There's no better way to catch my attention than a good theory and mixing that with beloved video games from past and present is highly entertaining and makes you think about these games a different way. This is another channel that I have seen most if not all of their videos and always eagerly await each new video.

The Lair of Voltaire

other than being in love with his music having grown up watching grim adventures of billy and mandy i was familiar with his songs in Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure and the Little Rock of Horrors episode. I love his Gothic Homemaking video series where he talks about how he goes about turning his tiny New York apartment into a Gothic lair. in his episodes, he shows how to DIY your own Gothic style house decorations

Ask A Mortician

I love Catlin and the work she does with Ask a Mortician she talks about death questions that most people have but don't know where to get the answers for. if you are curious about the death industry I highly recommend her videos.

Let Me Explain Studios

she has a lovely animation channel where she tells stories of her life and friends at the time of this post she has 55 videos I breezed through them in no time and I eagerly await her next video.

Puffin Forest

 Puffin forest makes short animated videos about his adventures playing D&D with his friends usually full of hilarious hijinx and general hilarity that happens when you play a game like D&D.

Repurposing Old Candle Jars

i love candles they smell beautiful and make a house feel cozy i always hate throwing the glass jar away when im done with them because i know i can do something with them so i finally decided to follow through and turn this candle into a lovely cotton ball holder for my bathroom

i first put the candle in a pot on the stove on a very low setting so it can melt the wax i heard of other people putting theirs in the microwave but i felt more comfortable doing this

After dumping out the melted wax (careful its hot!) i wiped the inside down with paper towels trying to get all of the left over wax out.

peeling off the sticker washing the inside out scrubbing the bottom sticker off with a sponge i was lucky enough to not have any sticker residue when peeling off the sticker.
all finished! doesn't it look adorable on the sink waiting to be used. This was easy to do and in the end i had a lovely little container i can use for almost anything i might have to clean out another one to use for cotton swabs.

Stardew Valley Game Review

I'm not a big fan of most recent video games I'm not good at first-person shooters and fast-paced games. I wish I was better at those kinds of games but my hands don't seem to move fast enough for me to be any good at them so generally, I don't play many video games even though I have a deep love for them.
As a child growing up I was a big fan of harvest moon its slow paced relaxing games were perfect for me and I devoured all the games I could get my hands on all the way up to Tale of Two Towns game released in 2010. Unfortunately the original feel for the games I had that made me love them as a child had faded. I searched for games that would give me the same feeling that harvest moon gave me. There are many farming simulators out there I tried and I enjoyed many of them but none had the same kind of feel I was looking for.
In 2017 I had heard of a game that was very popular that people who used to play harvest moon have been singing the praises of Stardew Valley. After reading into the game more and watching more playthroughs than I would care to admit to I knew I had found the perfect game for me it had everything I was looking for in it and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
I was given the game as a Christmas present and I immediately fell madly in love with it having dumped more than 200 hours into the game since. I have explored the game extensively and have multiple saves and it has yet to get old to me. The feel is almost exactly like the original harvest moon games but this adds more to it without taking anything away from the overall experience. The artwork is beautifully done its bright and cheery adding to its relaxing nature the characters are wonderfully delightful and each completely unique from each other with distinct personalities that are more realistic than past harvest moon games.
With its popularity skyrocketed since its original release on steam its been released on multiple console systems and now it's getting a release on ios and android is very much looking forward to seeing more people enjoy this beautiful relaxing game as much as I have

7 Things to do on a rainy day

I love rainy days anyone who knows me knows i love having a good excuse to stay inside all day read a good book and work on some projects that have been calling my name for a while. This is my own short list of things that might or might not interest you for your next rainy day.

Pick up a new book- without doubt you have had your eye on a book you have wanted to read for a while maybe it's a time and true classic or maybe it's the hottest new book either way a nice rainy day is the perfect time to settle into a comfortable chair and read.

Watch an old movie- i love wrapping myself in a cocoon of blankets with a hot cup of coffee popping in a copy of the breakfast club or the labyrinth and letting myself relax into the familiar story lines.
Pull out the board games- ahhh a classic who doesn't love a good board game to gather the family around good old classics are always a good pick but it's always fun to try new games

Bake something delicious-  cookies, cakes, pies, cinnamon buns, and fudge all perfect things to bake and enjoy while relaxing if you are like me and have no self control you will undoubtedly end up eating the whole batch yourself

Break out the hot glue gun- now is the perfect time to get the Popsicle stick and the glue and build something it can be a basic house or even something completely ridiculous but no matter what you decide to make you will love getting creative

Sleep- if i'm completely honest this is always my number 1 pick i'm a big fan of naps and would love if i could take at least one nap every day but 99% of the time its not an option but rainy days are always the days were ill sneak in a quick nap where i can
Take a stroll- quiet rainy mornings are a nice way to start your day grab a big umbrella and take off i usually find the quiet very comforting

crochet granny triangle shawl

these two beautiful shawls took me over a month each to make i used a very fine yarn i found at thrift shops they were the ultimate test of making a large project for me. as someone who struggles with big projects the fact that i was able to make both of these was a major win. the even better part is they are super easy to make and you can make them as big as you want i would have made them bigger if i had more yarn but since i thrift much of my materials im somewhat limited on what i can do but i did manage to find two very large spools of fine yarn that allowed to me make these as big as they are
i used a triangle granny square pattern where you can find here 
 this project is perfect for anyone who likes simple straightforward projects they can do while watching tv and are guaranteed to keep your lap warm during cold days.

crochet marijuana leaf

 link to the youtube video i used to make these gorgeous babies is down below if anyone is interested in making some

 these crochet marijuana leafs are so much fun to make and work up incredibly fast i made these out of lily sugar n cream Psychedelic and mod. I love these and will be making many many more in the future. im not entirely sure what to do with them yet but i think they would look good on potholders and as appliques on scarves and hats.
changing the yarn and hook size you could potentially make these as big or as little as you want i think making a tiny version of them would be the cutest thing

crochet marijuana leaf

crochet hooks

A while ago i was up in central Pa visiting my boyfriend and his family the trip ended up being longer than i first expected. i didn't bring my craft bad with me like i would normally do so i took to the internet! i quickly found something while darting through wikihow carving a crochet hook
i love the idea about crafting my own hooks so i looked through the house on the search for a knife suitable for carving.
i had worked with wood slightly when i was in shop class but i have never carved anything by hand the first 2 hooks i tried to make i ended up taking the hook off with the knife completely on accident. After a while i did get the hang of not cutting so deep and taking my time with it it managed to make 5 beautiful crochet hooks completely by hand. As fun as it was it did hurt my hand after a while and i had to take a lot of breaks to rest but in the end i was completely in love with the final products i have plans to make more and give them away to family and friends.

staying orginised

if you are anything like me your craft area has grown to a level you no longer know how to contain. i am guilty of letting my work areas get incredibly messy and even letting your crafts travel and take over other parts of the house. this is my kitchen table that until recently was a big center for my crafts even though i do have a designated craft area in the basement.
in an effort to try to keep myself organized i have started using totes to hold my fabric scraps and my finished projects since half the time i don't know what to do with my projects once ive finished with them. i also keep 2 stacking drawers and one that's one wheels i try to keep everything that has to do with each main craft that i do.
one container i keep all of my crochet hooks and yarn.
another i keep everything that i have to use for my embroidery. 
and the one i keep closest to me i keep all my buttons trims and bias tape for my sewing.
i use a lot of containers to help keep all of my stuff together and tidy but when in a creative mood its very hard to keep my work space clean.

how i find my cheap fabrics

we all know sewing is not a cheap hobby anyone who has looked at prices of fabric per yard knows its not an easy thing to do cheaply. I had the same problems constantly having new things I wanted to make but not wanting to drop a load of money on it so looking for ways to keep my sewing habit going without spending too much money. I turned to my local thrift stores, the main place I shop for everything in my life.
I found old bed sheets looking through them I found ones that weren't stained and were a decent size I knew I could definitely do something with them. they are big enough to make skirts and are perfect to make dresses for kids.
if you are lucky you can sometimes find fabric scraps at goodwill if you are willing to dig a little bit. they are good to help build up fabric scraps for little projects. finding old large men's dress shirts are also an amazing way to get fabric especially if you are looking to make dresses for little girls. I recommend getting large to extra large ones it gives you more fabric to work with 
I am lucky enough to have a nice beautiful cheap fabric store near me called fabric mart. most big name fabric stores are too expensive for me so I don't mind taking to short trip to fabric mart they do have an online store as well as a physical store it could be a good option for those who can't find a cheaper store in their area personally this is my favorite option because they have cheap high-quality fabrics in store that I LOVE working with. not only do they have fabrics they have a small selection of patterns and sewing accessories that aren't that expensive.

the scrap fabric problem

the giant box of fabric scraps that need to be turned into something beautiful! Anyone who sews knows the scrap fabric pile is never ending and grows faster than any of us really know what to do with. i have been on the hunt for projects that i can use to decease my seemingly endless pile of scrap.
recent ideas for the box of fabric scraps
  • scrap fabric rug
  • plastic bag holders
  • shopping bags 
  • makeup bags 
  • dice bags 
  • fabric pumpkins 
  • bookmarks 
  • seat belt coushin 
  • coffee cup covers 
  • sleep masks 
  • scrunchies 
  • coasters 

 these are only a few of my ideas im always on the lookout for interesting and fun patterns and ideas anything that will help slowly decrease the amount of fabric scraps that seem to never go down. 

DIY Laundry Detergent

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
For the longest time, my family has made our own laundry detergent. It helps us save a little money and it cleans our clothes BEAUTIFULLY and smells so so good. we use 2 tbsp maybe 3 per load and it is wonderful
here's the recipe we use I don't remember where my mom found it I know it was on Pinterest where all great things start with moms

1box super washing soda 3lbs 7oz
1 box borax 4lbs 12 oz
1 box pure baking soda 4lbs
3 bars Fels-Naptha5.5oz
1 container oxy clean 1.3lbs
1 purex crystal container

we grate the bars of felsnaptha into a big bucket then slowly add everything together it is very hard to mix everything but its a very good arm workout and it lasts for a very very long time.

hand sewing

 My passion for hand sewing is very well known in my family as i have worked on many skirts and dresses sitting on my recliner in the living room. i don't think hand sewing gets as much attention as sewing with a machine it takes a little longer but honestly nothing to me is more satisfying. its harder for me to mess up with hand sewing than it is to me with a machine. it seems like every time i try to sew with my sewing machine i end up messing it up. im slowly getting better at using the sewing machine for bigger projects that only require a straight stitch. i think hand sewing will forever keep a special place in my heart. 
sow sewing its meditative and forces you to take your time with projects getting to spend more time with them and in my opinion i appreciate the final project way more when i spent so much time and hard work on something and the end result is beautiful even stitches that hold better than anything a machine could produce.
beautiful skirt i sewed by hand
very beautiful running stitch

new family member

we recently added this new baby to our family. he was adopted September 22nd hes 11 months old and just the sweetest boy in the world hes very skittish and unsure of people (it took me feeding him nearly a whole chicken breast for him to feel slightly comfortable with me). because of his background and adorable confusion about everything new in his life we have decided to name him Castiel and the name fits him so well. he is incredibly loyal and listens very well even though he seems to go through a new harness every few days because he chews through them. i plan on sewing and crocheting him so many things. he is already a very spoiled dog and we have no plans on stopping spoiling him.

miniature painting


My boyfriend and his friends recently decided to start playing warhammer age of sigmar. My dear boyfriend isn't the best when it comes to crafts or panting he cut them out and glued them together but the painting is all up to me. I have never had the pleasure of painting miniatures before so im looking forward to the interesting challenge

paper wands

As an avid Harry Potter fan i had a brilliant idea i would try to make my own wand! severely lacking on skills and knowledge of wood working i turned to the one thing i knew i could work very well paper and good old hot glue. It took a lot of trial and error but I finally came up with the wands seen above. making sure to keep a tight roll when rolling the paper was key for me to have them keep a good shape and filling the ends with hot glue also helped in that area. Experimenting with different styles of handles designs was exiting and lots of fun! I plan on making many many more of these.

Scrap Yarn Rug

As long as I could remember I loved turning old stuff I never used into new useful things that I can get much more usage out of. I've been doing this for years before I even knew what upcycling was, now I absolutely love everything to do with upcycling and crafting. my newest adventure had me taking fabric scraps and an old bed sheet turning it into fabric yarn to use for crochet, It took a long time to cut the fabric into strips and tie them together and wind a ball big enough to make a nice rug.

once the big ball of fabric yarn was done it took a short time to work up the rug. Mostly wingging it the whole time crocheting in a big circle. Taking me less than a week to make successfully taking sheets and fabric scraps ill never use into something that will make a nice addition to my kitchen.

big ball of fabric yarn
almost finished rug