7 Things to do on a rainy day

I love rainy days anyone who knows me knows i love having a good excuse to stay inside all day read a good book and work on some projects that have been calling my name for a while. This is my own short list of things that might or might not interest you for your next rainy day.

Pick up a new book- without doubt you have had your eye on a book you have wanted to read for a while maybe it's a time and true classic or maybe it's the hottest new book either way a nice rainy day is the perfect time to settle into a comfortable chair and read.

Watch an old movie- i love wrapping myself in a cocoon of blankets with a hot cup of coffee popping in a copy of the breakfast club or the labyrinth and letting myself relax into the familiar story lines.
Pull out the board games- ahhh a classic who doesn't love a good board game to gather the family around good old classics are always a good pick but it's always fun to try new games

Bake something delicious-  cookies, cakes, pies, cinnamon buns, and fudge all perfect things to bake and enjoy while relaxing if you are like me and have no self control you will undoubtedly end up eating the whole batch yourself

Break out the hot glue gun- now is the perfect time to get the Popsicle stick and the glue and build something it can be a basic house or even something completely ridiculous but no matter what you decide to make you will love getting creative

Sleep- if i'm completely honest this is always my number 1 pick i'm a big fan of naps and would love if i could take at least one nap every day but 99% of the time its not an option but rainy days are always the days were ill sneak in a quick nap where i can
Take a stroll- quiet rainy mornings are a nice way to start your day grab a big umbrella and take off i usually find the quiet very comforting

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