8 Favorite Youtubers

I watch a lot of YouTube when I work on any of my craft projects. I found that trying to watch TV or a movie distracts me from what I was originally doing so I do my best to avoid watching TV or Netflix while I work and found YouTube to be my favorite thing to listen to so ill put a list of the YouTubers I listen to when I work


I love a good scary story and CreepMcPasta is one of my favorites that tell scary stories his videos tend to be on the longer side but always leave me wanting to watch just one more before bed he's delightfully creepy but in a good way.


I love video games and video game lore and no one does video game lore better than Oxhorn, he has a smooth voice and is always very thorough about his research. Its very clear he puts a lot of effort into his videos. his fallout videos are the best and most in-depth ones I've found and I can let myself watch his videos for hours.


I LOVE Stardew Valley anyone who knows me knows this and DF is my all time favorite person who does videos about it. I've watched almost all of his videos where he explores all the different aspects of the base game and mods making it absolutely hilarious every time.

The Game Theorists

There's no better way to catch my attention than a good theory and mixing that with beloved video games from past and present is highly entertaining and makes you think about these games a different way. This is another channel that I have seen most if not all of their videos and always eagerly await each new video.

The Lair of Voltaire

other than being in love with his music having grown up watching grim adventures of billy and mandy i was familiar with his songs in Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure and the Little Rock of Horrors episode. I love his Gothic Homemaking video series where he talks about how he goes about turning his tiny New York apartment into a Gothic lair. in his episodes, he shows how to DIY your own Gothic style house decorations

Ask A Mortician

I love Catlin and the work she does with Ask a Mortician she talks about death questions that most people have but don't know where to get the answers for. if you are curious about the death industry I highly recommend her videos.

Let Me Explain Studios

she has a lovely animation channel where she tells stories of her life and friends at the time of this post she has 55 videos I breezed through them in no time and I eagerly await her next video.

Puffin Forest

 Puffin forest makes short animated videos about his adventures playing D&D with his friends usually full of hilarious hijinx and general hilarity that happens when you play a game like D&D.

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