crochet hooks

A while ago i was up in central Pa visiting my boyfriend and his family the trip ended up being longer than i first expected. i didn't bring my craft bad with me like i would normally do so i took to the internet! i quickly found something while darting through wikihow carving a crochet hook
i love the idea about crafting my own hooks so i looked through the house on the search for a knife suitable for carving.
i had worked with wood slightly when i was in shop class but i have never carved anything by hand the first 2 hooks i tried to make i ended up taking the hook off with the knife completely on accident. After a while i did get the hang of not cutting so deep and taking my time with it it managed to make 5 beautiful crochet hooks completely by hand. As fun as it was it did hurt my hand after a while and i had to take a lot of breaks to rest but in the end i was completely in love with the final products i have plans to make more and give them away to family and friends.

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