Dog Adoption Success Story

Diablo Sierra Elsa and Diesel
My best friend Brianna lives in Twentynine Palms, California with her husband they have 4 rescue dogs they are the most adorable well-trained dogs in the word other than my dog. We were talking about our dogs as we usually do I was telling her about Castiel and his backstory I asked her about her dogs and what their stories were and she gladly shared all of them with me. Below are her stories about her dogs in her words only edited for clarity.

Elsa and Sierra:

 We went to the shelter called Coachella Valley Animal Campus Intentionally only wanting to get one dog. We walked around and looked at all the dogs, there were a ton of little ones and we wanted a big dog. Damian saw Elsa. She was labeled as a shepherd mix. She was in a cage with another dog. We kept on walking and I saw Sierra. Her paper said adopted but I was going to ask anyway because I had really wanted a husky. So we find the guy and he tells us about Elsa, She was brought to the shelter as a puppy with 6 other siblings. She was about a year old. All of the siblings besides her were adopted. About a month before we got there an old lady adopted this high energy dog and she returned her within a month. So she had been in the shelter her whole life. They told us Sierra was supposed to be adopted at noon. So we took Elsa on a walk and played with her in a pen and immediately fell in love. We came back and told the guy we wanted her. He said that Sierras new owners never showed up to take her home so we could have her. We had the dogs meet each other and they did great. Sierra was only in the shelter for a week and was found as a stray. So we took both dogs home. They were both potty trained. Elsa pulled a lot when walking but we trained her not to do that. We also had to get Elsa a special bowl to make her not eat as fast. She thought she wasn't going to get enough food. After about a month she realized that we wouldn't starve her and now she eats normally.

 We bought him from a lady who adopted him from a shelter. From what she told us he had been there his whole life. She had only had him 3 weeks and was moving so she "couldn't take him with her". We went and got him. He is very lazy and a 10-year-old malamute/husky mix. He had rust spots on his but and nose from when he was at the shelter he would stick his face through the fence. When she adopted him he was 30 pounds. After we had him he was 50 pounds. The vet said he was still underweight. Now he is 100 pounds and a healthy weight. I call him my old man because of how lazy he is. He also has no teeth. He needs 5 pulled because of biting the cage at the shelter. He can barely walk a block without sitting down because he is so lazy and old. So he only gets to go on a walk around once or so a week lol.
we bought him from another military family. They were moving. We had him since he was 6 months old. The lady told us that he had all of his shots and was going to send us the records. Since I thought he had his shots we took him on walks and to the dog park. Well turns out the lady lied to us and he didn't have his shots. So he got parvo. He almost didn't make it. we ended up spending $3000 and after being intensively cared for he made it. We took him to a trainer that had taught our other dogs the trainer had taught him more than he needed to know. So now he is our most trained dog.
After sending me all of her dog's stories I asked her a few extra questions
Q. So how do you handle having 4 big dogs all day
AWell I feel like I only have 2 dogs most of the time honestly. Diesel and sierra sleep all day. You just have to feed and let them out to go potty. They rarely play and are just super lazy. But with Diablo and Elsa, I usually do puzzle treats for them and I take them to the dog park every day
Q.having 4 long hair dogs in a hot climate how do you keep them cool when they are outside
A.When it's really hot out we have a dog pool and I give them popsicle treats, also making sure I brush them every day with a de-shedding brush and de-shedding shampoo. We also have a cooling mat we bought off of Amazon. You fill it up with water and then freeze it and the dogs can lay on it you have any advice for anyone looking to adopt a new dog
A. Make sure you truly are ready to adopt a dog. Also, think about what your plans will be 10 years from now like if you will be moving into an apartment you probably shouldn't get a large dog or a breed that apartments won't allow. Also, they aren't going to be perfect... you have to have patience. And positive reinforcement.. you don't know what the dog went through.

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