how i find my cheap fabrics

we all know sewing is not a cheap hobby anyone who has looked at prices of fabric per yard knows its not an easy thing to do cheaply. I had the same problems constantly having new things I wanted to make but not wanting to drop a load of money on it so looking for ways to keep my sewing habit going without spending too much money. I turned to my local thrift stores, the main place I shop for everything in my life.
I found old bed sheets looking through them I found ones that weren't stained and were a decent size I knew I could definitely do something with them. they are big enough to make skirts and are perfect to make dresses for kids.
if you are lucky you can sometimes find fabric scraps at goodwill if you are willing to dig a little bit. they are good to help build up fabric scraps for little projects. finding old large men's dress shirts are also an amazing way to get fabric especially if you are looking to make dresses for little girls. I recommend getting large to extra large ones it gives you more fabric to work with 
I am lucky enough to have a nice beautiful cheap fabric store near me called fabric mart. most big name fabric stores are too expensive for me so I don't mind taking to short trip to fabric mart they do have an online store as well as a physical store it could be a good option for those who can't find a cheaper store in their area personally this is my favorite option because they have cheap high-quality fabrics in store that I LOVE working with. not only do they have fabrics they have a small selection of patterns and sewing accessories that aren't that expensive.

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