My Halloween Movie List

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I love Halloween it's my favorite time of the year the weather is cold and cozy and everything is slightly spookier. Its the one time of year that my absolute favorite movies are playing and I can relax and watch them all I want. Since it is Halloween today I felt the need to share with everyone my list of favorite Halloween movies

Trick 'r Treat

Evil Dead (1981 version)

Jeepers Creepers

House of 1000 Corpses

Corpse Bride

The Adams Family

Halloween Town

The Craft

Don't Look Under the Bed


The Labyrinth

The Hole

Ghost Ship

Thirteen Ghosts



Suicide Room

Hocus Pocus

Practical Magic


Cabin in the Woods

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Puppet Master

 Dead Silence

Evil Bong

this is in no way a full list I didn't want to make this list to long but I do plan on talking about more of my all-time movie favorites at a later date.

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