Repurposing Old Candle Jars

i love candles they smell beautiful and make a house feel cozy i always hate throwing the glass jar away when im done with them because i know i can do something with them so i finally decided to follow through and turn this candle into a lovely cotton ball holder for my bathroom

i first put the candle in a pot on the stove on a very low setting so it can melt the wax i heard of other people putting theirs in the microwave but i felt more comfortable doing this

After dumping out the melted wax (careful its hot!) i wiped the inside down with paper towels trying to get all of the left over wax out.

peeling off the sticker washing the inside out scrubbing the bottom sticker off with a sponge i was lucky enough to not have any sticker residue when peeling off the sticker.
all finished! doesn't it look adorable on the sink waiting to be used. This was easy to do and in the end i had a lovely little container i can use for almost anything i might have to clean out another one to use for cotton swabs.

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