Stardew Valley Game Review

I'm not a big fan of most recent video games I'm not good at first-person shooters and fast-paced games. I wish I was better at those kinds of games but my hands don't seem to move fast enough for me to be any good at them so generally, I don't play many video games even though I have a deep love for them.
As a child growing up I was a big fan of harvest moon its slow paced relaxing games were perfect for me and I devoured all the games I could get my hands on all the way up to Tale of Two Towns game released in 2010. Unfortunately the original feel for the games I had that made me love them as a child had faded. I searched for games that would give me the same feeling that harvest moon gave me. There are many farming simulators out there I tried and I enjoyed many of them but none had the same kind of feel I was looking for.
In 2017 I had heard of a game that was very popular that people who used to play harvest moon have been singing the praises of Stardew Valley. After reading into the game more and watching more playthroughs than I would care to admit to I knew I had found the perfect game for me it had everything I was looking for in it and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.
I was given the game as a Christmas present and I immediately fell madly in love with it having dumped more than 200 hours into the game since. I have explored the game extensively and have multiple saves and it has yet to get old to me. The feel is almost exactly like the original harvest moon games but this adds more to it without taking anything away from the overall experience. The artwork is beautifully done its bright and cheery adding to its relaxing nature the characters are wonderfully delightful and each completely unique from each other with distinct personalities that are more realistic than past harvest moon games.
With its popularity skyrocketed since its original release on steam its been released on multiple console systems and now it's getting a release on ios and android is very much looking forward to seeing more people enjoy this beautiful relaxing game as much as I have

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