the scrap fabric problem

the giant box of fabric scraps that need to be turned into something beautiful! Anyone who sews knows the scrap fabric pile is never ending and grows faster than any of us really know what to do with. i have been on the hunt for projects that i can use to decease my seemingly endless pile of scrap.
recent ideas for the box of fabric scraps
  • scrap fabric rug
  • plastic bag holders
  • shopping bags 
  • makeup bags 
  • dice bags 
  • fabric pumpkins 
  • bookmarks 
  • seat belt coushin 
  • coffee cup covers 
  • sleep masks 
  • scrunchies 
  • coasters 

 these are only a few of my ideas im always on the lookout for interesting and fun patterns and ideas anything that will help slowly decrease the amount of fabric scraps that seem to never go down. 


  1. How about some patcheork skirt?:3

    1. im getting a fancy cutting mat to help make that skirt since it will require a lot of uniform cut squares