My Thoughts on Fallout 76

Fallout 76 came out November 14 my boyfriend has been eagerly awaiting the full release we preordered the game so he got to play the beta I played the beta for about 20 minutes but I'm not big into multiplayer so I left most of the beta playing to him.

 I had extremely low expectations of this game from its first announcement I despise multiplayer games and am very bad at shooting games.  even with my inability to play shooter games, I love all of the other fallout titles so I knew this game had a lot to live up and that no matter what they came out with it would inevitably face backlash. from the E3 trailer, it looked pretty ok and hearing that I was going to be able to play alone and not in a group I was slightly happy and thought that with enough grinding I might be able to enjoy the game

I finally got my hands on the game when my boyfriend bought a copy of it for the PS4 we have both an Xbox One and a PS4 so now with two copies of the game I was able to really sink some time into it without my boyfriend getting antsy because he wants to also play the game.
the first few hours were a blast I ignored most of the other players and focused on the main mission and scrounging around looking for holo tapes, terminal entries, and blueprints. I stayed mostly around the beginning area thoroughly exploring everything and getting a feel for the game. It because increasingly harder for the game to keep my attention at around hour 2. Usually, I'm a person who will binge games for 6+ hours so me getting bored with new games so quickly was concerning.
Since I am notoriously horrendous at shooting games thanks to having slow motor function in my hands my main strategy in fallout games is to use vats since most enemies use guns for weapons mele builds don't work well in my opinion. The vats in this game are weird I understand it cant be like other fallout games and pause or slow down time because of the nature of being multiplayer but its clunky and I never quite figured out how to use it well. so right from the beginning, I changed my character build to be mele meaning I take way more damage from close up combat but I don't have to constantly fight with using guns.
At one point in the game, all mister farmhands stopped reacting to me no matter what I did they just hovered in one spot and let me kill them they would kill ghouls that wandered into the area but other than that they didn't do much of anything. I didn't completely hate it, with my bad hands it gave me a decent chance to farm XP and level up so the game was not as hard as it normally would be.
The other players in the server I mostly had no problems with. I stuck to myself and tried not to bug others too much. I did have a few people walk up to me while I was level 6 and they were a good 20 levels above me and shoot me either trying to initiate PvP or just generally trying to be a pain in my side. They were easy to ignore I didn't feel like dying so I just took a stim pack and eventually they left me alone.
I didn't completely hate the game, I enjoyed the game but it felt like I was just doing boring fetch quests over and over again with no real reason to be invested in the storyline. No matter what the storyline was I knew there was no point in it because all the NPCs were dead. There would be no weird quirky fallout characters only robots terminals and holo tapes. I'm not a person who wants to get all of my storylines from holo tapes and terminal entries it gets tedious after a whole and completely boring.
I think the game has major potential and it might be great in another year or so but right now as is I'm upset we spent so much money on not only pre-ordering it but also buying a second copy for our ps4 granted its not Bethesdas fault we bought two copies of the game for both of our systems but my boyfriend really believed that he would play the game with his friends and we know more people who have a ps4 so his grand idea was to just buy two copies.
All in all my feelings about this game are complex and hard to really describe. I wanted to like this game so bad I am a person who can always find something redeemable about games but for this one, I really had to dig for it. I really hope the game becomes as good as we were all promised. I love Bethesda and it makes me sad to see a game fail this hard.

Going Home to Nashville

Durin at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
This weekend I get the pleasure of going back to where I grew up. I was not born there but I spent the majority of my life in a little town called Nashville Indiana. it's not as glamorous as Nashville Tennessee but it holds a special place in my heart.
if I am completely honest I hated Nashville when I was living there but everyone hates the town they grew up in. looking back I want to kick myself for not loving Nashville more when I had the ability to. now I live 10 hours away and only get to visit a few times a year to see the dew family members I have still living there.
My favorite hotel in the area is Hotel Nashville I have many fond memories of the place and I always feel at home when I'm there. the Wi-fi isn't the best but it hardly ever on it when I'm in town visiting there's always something better to do in town. its located right of the edge of town so it's convenient to walk anywhere in town. the thing I love the most is the pool is indoors and heated so no matter what time of the year we go we always bring swimsuits and take full advantage of it. I don't think we plan on staying at any other hotel in the area
The absolute best thing about Nashville, in my opinion, is the state park. Brown County State Park is absolutely gorgeous it's completely stunning in the middle of fall when all the leaves on the trees have changed colors. the only downside of going during fall is the town and the state park is usually flooded with other people with traffic backed up outside of town. so I fully recommend going during spring or summer both times of the year its still just as stunning but less crowded. hiking in the state park is a lovely experience where you can really connect with nature.
There's so much to do and experience in Nashville id love to see more people out and experiencing all the great things it has to offer. 

drop spindle spinning

I am always looking for new and interesting things to try my desire and drive to learn new skills it high. ill spend hours jumping from blog to blog looking for crafts and skills that look like they would pose an interesting challenge and fit in nicely with the list of crafts I already do. that's when I came across drop spindle spinning.
As a child going to different living history farms, I had seen women spinning on the big walking spinning wheels or the ones that are spun using a treadle I always found it fascinating but correctly assumed that getting a spinning wheel would be incredibly expensive. Recently I had been thinking about the times I had seen women spinning yarn and wondered if there was a cheaper way to get into it without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a wheel since I didn't know if I actually liked it as a hobby yet or not. Quick research I had discovered that yes! it was entirely possible to spin yarn without a hefty investment in a wheel by using a centuries-old device called a drop spindle.
I fell in love with it I went on my kindle using the overdrive app I borrowed a few books my local library miraculously had on the subject and devoured them my favorite was by Abby Franquemont called Respect the Spindle. it was a lovely read and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn about drop spinning. I knew I absolutely needed to learn how to do this.
I ordered one off Etsy that should be here soon. from the pictures, it looks absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to get started learning this new exciting skill.

link to the shop I bought my drop spindle kit from

Healthy Easy Kid Snacks

My daughter is 4 years old and getting her to eat healthily is like trying to herd a cat it's almost impossible. If she had it her way she would eat nothing but chicken nuggets and hot dogs in an attempt to get her to eat a more varied diet.
I made a list of foods I try to get her to eat and I've found slight success. I hope this list could help more frustrated moms looking to get their kids to eat better.

  1. Ants on a log- celery with peanut butter and raisins 
  2. cheese 
  3. apple slices with peanut butter 
  4. strawberries 
  5. oatmeal with honey and banana slices 
  6. peanut butter banana sandwich 
  7. hard boiled eggs 
  8. banana and apple chips - store-bought or homemade both are delicious 
  9. edamame 
  10. roasted pumpkin seeds - I love making these in fall
  11. baked sweet potato fries- super simple fast and easy to make yourself 
  12. homemade popsicles 
  13. popcorn 
  14. string cheese 
  15. yogurt with granola 
  16. almonds 

Lemonade Pie

Photo by Marc Babin on Unsplash
I found this recipe in my grandmother's recipe box my mom had made it a few times for me and it was absolutely delicious. It's pretty easy to do and tastes amazing so I figured id share it.

9-inch pie crust (regular or graham cracker)
6oz can freeze concentrate lemonade
1 can eagle brand milk
1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin
9 oz cool whip

 Thaw lemonade until crystallized. mix with unflavored gelatin. add eagle brand milk and mix well. add cool whip pour into crust refrigerate then enjoy

Me vs.Makeup

Photo by Glow Repose on Unsplash
I love makeup I truly do but I have no idea how to do my makeup. I can kind of put on foundation but it always looks funky to me. I wear lipstick and some eyeshadow on occasion but doing a full face of makeup is completely unthinkable for me. I think I missed the lesson on how to be a girl because while every other girl was becoming an absolute master at makeup I must have been in the corner doing something else.
because of my complete inability to do my own makeup, I keep a very short makeup routine where I use ELF tinted moisturizer some Revlon pressed powder foundation and some darker colored ELF eyeshadow. that's been my routine anytime I want to put more work into my appearance but on most days I don't wear anything just opting to wash my face every morning and night.
over the years I have tried to work on learning eyeliner and doing more complex things but honestly there's only so much practicing someone can do before you think you might actually go insane. I have plenty of products and once in a blue moon I will get the drive to get everything out and try a more complex look but I always without fail end up looking like clown school reject.
now for as bad as I am doing makeup, I LOVE seeing all the cool things people can do with makeup it's truly impressive and blows me away. I don't think I'll ever stop being impressed with things these amazingly talented people can do with something that I am completely useless at.

Winter Bucket List

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Winter, you either love it or hate it personally I hate it I don't do well in the cold and dislike all the snow that makes it hard to get around and where I live it snows a lot. now normally I spend the winter time hibernating in the house and eating everything I can get my hands on. This year I've decided to try to embrace winter so to keep this promise to myself I've made a bucket list of things to do this winter that seems like it could help me learn to love winter a little more.

  1. winter bonfire 
  2. sledding 
  3. build a snowman 
  4. bake cookies 
  5.  make hot chocolate from scratch
  6. make a snow fort 
  7. try eggnog 
  8. make snow ice cream 
  9. ice skating 
  10. have an indoor "snowball" fight (use rolled up socks at "snowballs")
  11.  make snow paint and go nuts outside painting snow 
  12.  make chili 
  13. try new teas 
  14. snowy nature walk 
  15. read a new book

Tunisian Crochet Lace

I love Tunisian crochet it's beautiful and works up easily its slightly like knitting but since I have never been able to fully grasp the skill of knitting this is much easier for me. I learned basic Tunisian crochet when I stumbled across a video on youtube while I looked for scrap yarn project ideas, I don't remember the exact video I watched to get started with this but I really enjoy this video. It's nicely done and does show the basic stitches well.
Once I understood the basics I wanted to start pushing myself into more complicated stitches and building up a decent set of skills. Being a lover of lace I thought this crochet style could make absolutely beautiful lace patterns. I set out looking for new stitches to learn and I found this lovely tutorial Tunisian Lace I loved the design and I think for my first time trying it out it ended up looking stunning. It is relatively easy to do once you get the basics down and is an excellent stitch to learn. It will make beautiful scarves and if you are more advanced than I am would make a very nice shawl. 

My Little Pony

I have a 4-year-old who is in love with My Little Pony if allowed she would do nothing but watch my little pony all day every day. for my sanity, we manage to get her to watch other things from time to time but nothing will be as beloved as my little pony in this house so naturally, we have more than our fair share of my little pony toys cluttering around the house. they are amazing little things that seem to multiply every time i turn around it seems like we have acquired more of those tiny little plastic figures. The only problem is for some reason no matter how often I try to keep up with brushing pony hair with my daughter and having pony spa day where they get brushed and baths they always end up tangled and matted beyond recognition. I've tried my hardest to keep this from happening but I have no idea why it keeps happening I'm working on several different ideas to save their hair. my daughter becomes very attached to all of her toys especially the my little pony ones so anything I can do to extend the life of her beloved my little ponies will be a major help.

Baby Things I Never Used

When you are pregnant everyone makes it seem like you need every single high tech gadget out there and I had thought that at first when I started looking at baby stuff when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2013. I was lucky enough that I had a big support system so a lot of people gave me the old things they were done using with their child. I ended up with a lot of blankets and crib sheets things that came very in handy, but some things that were passed on to me and things I bought I found little to no use for.

Wipe warmer- I had been given a wipe warmer and thought with my daughter being born in winter it would come in handy. When she was born I found that it dried out her wipes completely ruining a whole pack of brand new wipes.

Newborn mittens- We never used these I got a bunch at my baby shower but I only used them a few times before decided they were to much trouble for me. My daughter had a knack for pulling them off and the ones we did put on her were promptly lost.

Baby bathrobe- I can see the appeal of these they are adorable but for us completely unnecessary. I never used them because basic towel worked just fine for us.

stuffed animals- I HATE stuffed animals. With me having a girl everyone I had ever met in my whole life somehow felt obligated to buy her stuffed animals. We had more than we knew what to do with. Still, with her being 4 people buy her a ton of stuffed animals that she largely ignores.

on-the-go wipe case- Those tiny little wipe cases can be handy on cutting down space taken up in your diaper bag but I always preferred carrying way more wipes than necessary just in case. There have been times where my daughter had a diaper blowout in a store and I was so thankful I had thought to bring her whole wipe container. The tiny little on-the-go wipe container would not have had enough wipes in it to help me clean up the mess.

Diaper stacker- These things a ridiculously cute in a fully decorated nursery but completely impractical. I hated mine I had loaded it up with newborn size diapers right next to her changing table before she arrived, and it was one of the first things along with the wipe warmer to go into a box to be put in storage.

special baby detergent- For us, it was so much cheaper to buy free and clear laundry detergent than it was to buy special baby detergent they are practically the same thing but one is cheaper

baby shoes- The most pointless thing ever invented for children that don't yet walk. Not only a waste of money but also a pain to tie those tiny little shoelaces.

Changing table- I used mine maybe 5 times till I gave up on walking back and forth from the living room to my room. I found it tedious because I already had diapers and wipes in the living room I didn't see the reason to travel back and forth.

baby bathtub- Another one of those things I only used a handful of times before deciding that it was easier to wipe her down with a washcloth. Once her umbilical cord fell off just have her take a bath with me and have someone come to get her when I was done washing her.

Bumbo seat- I've met a lot of people who swore by their Bumbo seat and loved them to death but I could not stand mine. It didn't help her sit up at all she was slouched over in it looking completely uncomfortable, so I never recommended them for anyone who asked my personal opinion on them.
These are just the things I personally didn't find any use in. I know everyone and their babies are different, maybe if I decide to have another baby I might end up using a few of these things. You honestly never know the needs of one baby can be completely different from the next.

NaNoWriMo Tips

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash
Even though I don't plan on participating in NaNoWriMo this year doesn't mean I wont try to put out plenty of NaNoWriMo tips and tricks. I used these through the years to help me get at least most of the way to the 50000-word count.

  1. Don't try to get it perfect the first time- this is draft 0 it won't be great and award-winning right away that will all come after revision and rewriting.
  2. Word sprints!- do them trust me the feeling of racing yourself against the clock to get your word count is extremely motivating.
  3. Keep writing- don't stop writing if you feel like you are in the groove keep going every word helps.
  4. Accept that your first draft will suck- it won't be perfect and will be far from it keep pushing through the doubt and you will get there in no time.
  5. Look at pictures- every book I write I compile a ton of pictures that capture the look and feel for characters and locations in my book it really helps when I'm looking for inspiration.
  6. Make a rocking playlist- music always helps me write and helps give me ideas for characters and plots.
  7. Writing prompts- if you are stuck look at some writing prompts Tumblr and Pinterest are full of them.
  8. Nap- I don't do good work when I'm tired it's just how it is ill stay up super late working on word count then go back in the morning and not understand a single thing I wrote last night take care of yourself. 
  9. Tea or Coffee- make some tea or coffee sit back and relax if you take it too seriously the ideas won't flow like you want them.
  10. Work in short bursts- don't sit in front of your computer and expect to crank out 2000 words on the spot for most new writers that would be an insanely difficult task. Aim for 4 short writing session about 500 words each and it should feel a lot less stressful.