Baby Things I Never Used

When you are pregnant everyone makes it seem like you need every single high tech gadget out there and I had thought that at first when I started looking at baby stuff when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2013. I was lucky enough that I had a big support system so a lot of people gave me the old things they were done using with their child. I ended up with a lot of blankets and crib sheets things that came very in handy, but some things that were passed on to me and things I bought I found little to no use for.

Wipe warmer- I had been given a wipe warmer and thought with my daughter being born in winter it would come in handy. When she was born I found that it dried out her wipes completely ruining a whole pack of brand new wipes.

Newborn mittens- We never used these I got a bunch at my baby shower but I only used them a few times before decided they were to much trouble for me. My daughter had a knack for pulling them off and the ones we did put on her were promptly lost.

Baby bathrobe- I can see the appeal of these they are adorable but for us completely unnecessary. I never used them because basic towel worked just fine for us.

stuffed animals- I HATE stuffed animals. With me having a girl everyone I had ever met in my whole life somehow felt obligated to buy her stuffed animals. We had more than we knew what to do with. Still, with her being 4 people buy her a ton of stuffed animals that she largely ignores.

on-the-go wipe case- Those tiny little wipe cases can be handy on cutting down space taken up in your diaper bag but I always preferred carrying way more wipes than necessary just in case. There have been times where my daughter had a diaper blowout in a store and I was so thankful I had thought to bring her whole wipe container. The tiny little on-the-go wipe container would not have had enough wipes in it to help me clean up the mess.

Diaper stacker- These things a ridiculously cute in a fully decorated nursery but completely impractical. I hated mine I had loaded it up with newborn size diapers right next to her changing table before she arrived, and it was one of the first things along with the wipe warmer to go into a box to be put in storage.

special baby detergent- For us, it was so much cheaper to buy free and clear laundry detergent than it was to buy special baby detergent they are practically the same thing but one is cheaper

baby shoes- The most pointless thing ever invented for children that don't yet walk. Not only a waste of money but also a pain to tie those tiny little shoelaces.

Changing table- I used mine maybe 5 times till I gave up on walking back and forth from the living room to my room. I found it tedious because I already had diapers and wipes in the living room I didn't see the reason to travel back and forth.

baby bathtub- Another one of those things I only used a handful of times before deciding that it was easier to wipe her down with a washcloth. Once her umbilical cord fell off just have her take a bath with me and have someone come to get her when I was done washing her.

Bumbo seat- I've met a lot of people who swore by their Bumbo seat and loved them to death but I could not stand mine. It didn't help her sit up at all she was slouched over in it looking completely uncomfortable, so I never recommended them for anyone who asked my personal opinion on them.
These are just the things I personally didn't find any use in. I know everyone and their babies are different, maybe if I decide to have another baby I might end up using a few of these things. You honestly never know the needs of one baby can be completely different from the next.

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