My Thoughts on Fallout 76

Fallout 76 came out November 14 my boyfriend has been eagerly awaiting the full release we preordered the game so he got to play the beta I played the beta for about 20 minutes but I'm not big into multiplayer so I left most of the beta playing to him.

 I had extremely low expectations of this game from its first announcement I despise multiplayer games and am very bad at shooting games.  even with my inability to play shooter games, I love all of the other fallout titles so I knew this game had a lot to live up and that no matter what they came out with it would inevitably face backlash. from the E3 trailer, it looked pretty ok and hearing that I was going to be able to play alone and not in a group I was slightly happy and thought that with enough grinding I might be able to enjoy the game

I finally got my hands on the game when my boyfriend bought a copy of it for the PS4 we have both an Xbox One and a PS4 so now with two copies of the game I was able to really sink some time into it without my boyfriend getting antsy because he wants to also play the game.
the first few hours were a blast I ignored most of the other players and focused on the main mission and scrounging around looking for holo tapes, terminal entries, and blueprints. I stayed mostly around the beginning area thoroughly exploring everything and getting a feel for the game. It because increasingly harder for the game to keep my attention at around hour 2. Usually, I'm a person who will binge games for 6+ hours so me getting bored with new games so quickly was concerning.
Since I am notoriously horrendous at shooting games thanks to having slow motor function in my hands my main strategy in fallout games is to use vats since most enemies use guns for weapons mele builds don't work well in my opinion. The vats in this game are weird I understand it cant be like other fallout games and pause or slow down time because of the nature of being multiplayer but its clunky and I never quite figured out how to use it well. so right from the beginning, I changed my character build to be mele meaning I take way more damage from close up combat but I don't have to constantly fight with using guns.
At one point in the game, all mister farmhands stopped reacting to me no matter what I did they just hovered in one spot and let me kill them they would kill ghouls that wandered into the area but other than that they didn't do much of anything. I didn't completely hate it, with my bad hands it gave me a decent chance to farm XP and level up so the game was not as hard as it normally would be.
The other players in the server I mostly had no problems with. I stuck to myself and tried not to bug others too much. I did have a few people walk up to me while I was level 6 and they were a good 20 levels above me and shoot me either trying to initiate PvP or just generally trying to be a pain in my side. They were easy to ignore I didn't feel like dying so I just took a stim pack and eventually they left me alone.
I didn't completely hate the game, I enjoyed the game but it felt like I was just doing boring fetch quests over and over again with no real reason to be invested in the storyline. No matter what the storyline was I knew there was no point in it because all the NPCs were dead. There would be no weird quirky fallout characters only robots terminals and holo tapes. I'm not a person who wants to get all of my storylines from holo tapes and terminal entries it gets tedious after a whole and completely boring.
I think the game has major potential and it might be great in another year or so but right now as is I'm upset we spent so much money on not only pre-ordering it but also buying a second copy for our ps4 granted its not Bethesdas fault we bought two copies of the game for both of our systems but my boyfriend really believed that he would play the game with his friends and we know more people who have a ps4 so his grand idea was to just buy two copies.
All in all my feelings about this game are complex and hard to really describe. I wanted to like this game so bad I am a person who can always find something redeemable about games but for this one, I really had to dig for it. I really hope the game becomes as good as we were all promised. I love Bethesda and it makes me sad to see a game fail this hard.

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