Going Home to Nashville

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This weekend I get the pleasure of going back to where I grew up. I was not born there but I spent the majority of my life in a little town called Nashville Indiana. it's not as glamorous as Nashville Tennessee but it holds a special place in my heart.
if I am completely honest I hated Nashville when I was living there but everyone hates the town they grew up in. looking back I want to kick myself for not loving Nashville more when I had the ability to. now I live 10 hours away and only get to visit a few times a year to see the dew family members I have still living there.
My favorite hotel in the area is Hotel Nashville I have many fond memories of the place and I always feel at home when I'm there. the Wi-fi isn't the best but it hardly ever on it when I'm in town visiting there's always something better to do in town. its located right of the edge of town so it's convenient to walk anywhere in town. the thing I love the most is the pool is indoors and heated so no matter what time of the year we go we always bring swimsuits and take full advantage of it. I don't think we plan on staying at any other hotel in the area
The absolute best thing about Nashville, in my opinion, is the state park. Brown County State Park is absolutely gorgeous it's completely stunning in the middle of fall when all the leaves on the trees have changed colors. the only downside of going during fall is the town and the state park is usually flooded with other people with traffic backed up outside of town. so I fully recommend going during spring or summer both times of the year its still just as stunning but less crowded. hiking in the state park is a lovely experience where you can really connect with nature.
There's so much to do and experience in Nashville id love to see more people out and experiencing all the great things it has to offer. 

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