Healthy Easy Kid Snacks

My daughter is 4 years old and getting her to eat healthily is like trying to herd a cat it's almost impossible. If she had it her way she would eat nothing but chicken nuggets and hot dogs in an attempt to get her to eat a more varied diet.
I made a list of foods I try to get her to eat and I've found slight success. I hope this list could help more frustrated moms looking to get their kids to eat better.

  1. Ants on a log- celery with peanut butter and raisins 
  2. cheese 
  3. apple slices with peanut butter 
  4. strawberries 
  5. oatmeal with honey and banana slices 
  6. peanut butter banana sandwich 
  7. hard boiled eggs 
  8. banana and apple chips - store-bought or homemade both are delicious 
  9. edamame 
  10. roasted pumpkin seeds - I love making these in fall
  11. baked sweet potato fries- super simple fast and easy to make yourself 
  12. homemade popsicles 
  13. popcorn 
  14. string cheese 
  15. yogurt with granola 
  16. almonds 

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