NaNoWriMo Tips

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Even though I don't plan on participating in NaNoWriMo this year doesn't mean I wont try to put out plenty of NaNoWriMo tips and tricks. I used these through the years to help me get at least most of the way to the 50000-word count.

  1. Don't try to get it perfect the first time- this is draft 0 it won't be great and award-winning right away that will all come after revision and rewriting.
  2. Word sprints!- do them trust me the feeling of racing yourself against the clock to get your word count is extremely motivating.
  3. Keep writing- don't stop writing if you feel like you are in the groove keep going every word helps.
  4. Accept that your first draft will suck- it won't be perfect and will be far from it keep pushing through the doubt and you will get there in no time.
  5. Look at pictures- every book I write I compile a ton of pictures that capture the look and feel for characters and locations in my book it really helps when I'm looking for inspiration.
  6. Make a rocking playlist- music always helps me write and helps give me ideas for characters and plots.
  7. Writing prompts- if you are stuck look at some writing prompts Tumblr and Pinterest are full of them.
  8. Nap- I don't do good work when I'm tired it's just how it is ill stay up super late working on word count then go back in the morning and not understand a single thing I wrote last night take care of yourself. 
  9. Tea or Coffee- make some tea or coffee sit back and relax if you take it too seriously the ideas won't flow like you want them.
  10. Work in short bursts- don't sit in front of your computer and expect to crank out 2000 words on the spot for most new writers that would be an insanely difficult task. Aim for 4 short writing session about 500 words each and it should feel a lot less stressful.

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