Winter Bucket List

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Winter, you either love it or hate it personally I hate it I don't do well in the cold and dislike all the snow that makes it hard to get around and where I live it snows a lot. now normally I spend the winter time hibernating in the house and eating everything I can get my hands on. This year I've decided to try to embrace winter so to keep this promise to myself I've made a bucket list of things to do this winter that seems like it could help me learn to love winter a little more.

  1. winter bonfire 
  2. sledding 
  3. build a snowman 
  4. bake cookies 
  5.  make hot chocolate from scratch
  6. make a snow fort 
  7. try eggnog 
  8. make snow ice cream 
  9. ice skating 
  10. have an indoor "snowball" fight (use rolled up socks at "snowballs")
  11.  make snow paint and go nuts outside painting snow 
  12.  make chili 
  13. try new teas 
  14. snowy nature walk 
  15. read a new book

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