After Chirstmas Yarn Shopping

so I don't get out to go yarn shopping a lot most of the yarn I get is from other people who gift it to me and I've ended up with an impressive collection from that. over last winter I gave myself the challenge to completely use up my whole yarn collection it took till fall but I have used all of my yarn it was exceptionally hard since I did keep getting new yarn but now finally everything is gone and the projects stashed away till I can find someone to give them to.

since it's after Christmas and I had gotten a gift card for joanns fabric I figured a trip to the store to hunt for yarn was in order. I don't know about other people but I personally never go into the store with a set project in mind I just hunt for yarn I like and build from there. I can spend minutes to hours searching the yarn isles touching and evaluating different yarns till i settle on some.

what I ended up walking out of the store with I was very happy about and I'm already thinking of a few different projects I can do with them.
3 Sugar'n cream cotton yarn
I LOVE Sugar'n cream yarn, since I used up my giant cone of it I've been looking at getting more but didn't want to commit to one color. For now, I got 3 different colors with the help of my boyfriend we picked Emerald Isle Overcast and Red I think these will make some lovely dish rags and I can't wait to get started on them.
Premier Sweet Roll
I've been eying a yarn like this for a while so I couldn't resist getting two of them I got the colors Black Peper Swirl and Grape Swirl. I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet but I'm looking forward to working with the yarn.
Lion Brand Scarfie
when I saw these two I couldn't help but snatch them up. My favorite color is purple and my boyfriends favorite color is red so I grabbed them happily. The label has a scarf pattern on it and they make a full scarf with one skein so its a perfect thing for me to whip up quickly without having to think about it too much. 
This is only a small but of all the shopping we did today but its the one I'm most excited about. We also picked up the Fallout the Vault Dwellers Official Cookbook and I am already planning on a few of the recipes to try, I'm most looking forward to trying the Nuka-Cola recipe.

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