My First Craft

I have always been fascinated by all of the crafts and things my grandmother had done in her life. I never got to see her do any of them sadly because she passed away when I was 4 years old but, growing up i was very familiar with her work. We had had needlepoint she had done framed and hanging up, I have a blanket she had made and Halloween costumes she had sewn were still around and occasionally worn. I wanted to make great things like she did but I didn't know how she did them or even how to start learning.
 I was about 7 and my grandpa had a girlfriend who I absolutely adored she was sweet and kind and she did crafts. I distinctly remember she used to do cross stitch and sew I was familiar with cross stitch because we had a lot of my grandmothers cross stitch creations all over the house, but I had never seen it done in person. I was in love with it. I loved watching her work on her cross stitch in church when she didn't bring me little sticker books to help keep me quiet since I hated going to church. 
That Christmas she came with my grandfather to the house. we were all anxious for them to arrive since we weren't allowed to touch any presents until they both got there. They didn't arrive too late but to children, every moment not allowed to touch our gifts was absolute agony. we had our lunch then were finally allowed to rip into our gifts. I don't remember what all I got that year that I'm sure my mom spent hours fussing over trying to find all of us the perfect gifts. The only present I do remember getting was from my grandfather's girlfriend.
She had noticed my interest in cross stitch and got me my very first craft. A little cross stitch for beginners kit I don't even remember what the kit was exactly maybe it was a frog, but I remember her sitting with me for the rest of Christmas helping me to learn how to cross stitch. it changed my life from that moment on I loved to cross stitch and crafting in general. It sent me on the path I am on now and I don't know what I would have done with my life if she hadn't gotten me that gift. Maybe I would have found crafting on my own but probably at a much later date in my life. I'll never know, her and my grandfather broke up not long after that and I haven't seen her since. I really hope she knows how much of an impact that one little thing had on my life and how much I treasure that memory.
I no longer have that craft I wish I had the forethought to keep it.

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