Unexpected wool shopping

February is the month of mine and my younger brothers birthdays my mom planned a trip down to Nashville Indiana to go visit him and spend some time with him for his 19th birthday. he worked nights during the weekend so we didn't get to see him much and that gave me plenty of time to wander around and do everything my little hometown offers. Admittingly there's not much to do but go shopping and eat food but I had fun anyway.
I was aware of the shop in town called The Clay Purl I had bought yarn there when I could afford to so since they feature nicer yarn I couldn't afford to buy as much as I would like. I figured it would be a good time to go see what I could find. I ended up walking out with a gorgeous braid of wool and I can't wait to get it on my spindle its so soft and the colors are vibrant and so beautiful.
Once I get it spun ill be posting pictures of it on here.

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