Why I Started Blogging

I'm an avid crafter and writer I always have been it's my base nature without writing and crafting I wouldn't be me its the very center of my being. I have been rolling around the idea to start a blog since I was in my teens but I have always had high anxiety about making the plunge into blogging and putting my writing out there for people to see
recently I had gathered up the confidence to start this and put myself out there more so I can gain more confidence with my writing and trust myself more and not second guess myself over everything. I still question my writing every single day. I know my grammar isn't that good and I have been making an effort to improve my writing and become the best writer I can be. I understand that I won't become a great wonderful blogger writer or creator overnight and that these things take time so I think this blog will be a good driving force to help me with my desire to push forward and be the best me I can be.

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