Gardening Beginings

Sadly I am not in a situation where my situation in life allows me to have a garden and here lately I have been feeling the urge to garden more and more. I have offered to my friends who do garden my help doing whatever they will need help with in order for me to have some way to express my desire to garden and I'm sure they will be taking me up on that offer soon enough but it's not doing much to quell the burning desire I have.
I have taken to reading a ton of books and watching all the youtube videos I can find on gardening and different self-sufficiency topics. I love all the different ideas and things I'm finding in books and online that give me so many ideas on things id love to try once I get enough space to start doing things on my own
to help remind myself of what I've read and possibly help others in a similar situation to myself I'm going to keep an updated list here on what books I've read what blog posts I've saved and what youtube channels I'm subscribed to.
 links to where you can find books will be provided


 Homegrown Berries- Timber Press link to check out the book Here
Your Farm in the City- Lisa Taylor and the Gardeners on Seattle Tilth Here
Mini Farming Self-Sufficiency on 1/4th Acre- Brett L. Markham Here

YouTube Channels

 Roots and Refuge Farm

Self Sufficient Me

Blog Posts 

By Stephanie Rose 20 Self Sufficient Living Tips

13 Vegetables That Grow in Shade Posted by Katie Nash 

Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots | Most Productive Vegetables for Containers

Homesteading For Beginners: 50 Skills You Can Learn Right Now

As I continue to learn and read more and find more information new things might be added and deleted as I go along.