Dodec spinning wheel Part 1

it took all day but i finally gathered all the material needed to build my dodec spinning wheel. The only thing i didn't get was paint for it but that can always come later. i personally had a hard time getting everything together. i had to go to 3 different stores to get everything because my local stores didn't have everything i needed but i managed to keep total expenses under 40 dollars.
the next day off my boyfriend has off he's promised to help me get all the pieces cut and ready to put together ill make sure to take plenty of pictures and document the whole process and give some input on how easy it was to put together.

quest for a spinning wheel

in my love of spinning wool and my quest to own a spinning wheel I've come across several plans to build spinning wheels on a budget. and I've fallen in love with most of them so my bright idea is to start building all of them one by one.
with my luck, my significant other has a lot of experience working with wood where I have almost 0 experience so I will be using his help in cutting and putting things together. he will be a big help in helping make sure things get done the way they are supposed to. 
ill be able to test and try out all sorts of diffrent DIY wheels as i go along in this journey and once i find a favorite design I hope to find some people to give the ones i dont want.
i think mt favorite part of the whole thing will be painting and decorating each wheel in a diffrent design.

Small Garden

I planted my garden this early spring and now my plants are getting nice and big and giving me veggies. sadly because of my living situation, I couldn't have a very big garden. I planted 6 bush beans 2 cucumbers and 2 strawberries. all 6 of my beans survived but all of my cucumbers ended up being eaten by the local bunnies and one strawberry plant ended up dying. I ended up buying 2 tomato plants to replace the cucumbers and they are doing amazingly well.
my beans are already putting off a decent harvest and will provide a decent amount of  beans for the whole family
the tomatoes haven't produced anything yet but they look like they will give off a big harvest is not a big fan of tomatoes so most of them will go to my mom who absolutely loves them